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meryll levine pageMeryll Levine Page has no qualifications as a chef. Her cookbook experience harks back to 1982 when she helped test recipes and edit the Beth El Women’s League Cookbook. Meryll taught for almost forty years and since her retirement she has been consulting, teaching adults, and writing.  Her first book, Jewish Luck:  A True Story of Friendship, Deception, and Risky Business co-authored with her sister Leslie Levine Adler has nothing to do with cooking although the sisters first envisioned embedding recipes within the life stories of Vera and Alla.

Meryll has been cooking Shabbat and weekday meals since 1971.  As food trends changed (remember jello molds?), Meryll tried to keep up, remaining about a year or two behind the trends. Today Meryll’s cooking is filled with fruits and vegetables along with Shabbat desserts.  Family food sensitivities like celiac disease, acid reflux, high cholesterol, etc. have necessitated tinkering with menus to make accommodations.

Meryll has tested all the recipes on her husband, Chris.  Her children and grandchildren have weighed in on most and at times have helped cook or bake.  All family members have participated in a variation of Tasting Torah Shabbat dinner which began in 1996. These evolved into dinners with complete menus connected to the Torah portion and competition to see who could link the food to a Torah verse.  This collection of recipes features a scaled back version with only one dish per parasha and a wide choice of conversational gambits. 

For more information, check Meryll’s more traditional bio in her More Jewish Luck website.

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