More to Digest: The Bibliography

Parshanut (Biblical exegesis) and assorted scholarly books

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Books about the Parasha for young children

Newman, Shirley.  A Child's Introduction to Torah. New York: Behrman House, 1972.  Without a doubt, this is the best introduction for children to the Torah.  It's comprenhensible for young children and yet there is nothing that will ever have to be unlearned. 



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 Other Websites of Interest

Reference This site features the entire Bible online in English and Hebrew. Click on the book you want to read, then the chapter. The Hebrew Concordance allows you to enter a Hebrew word and see where it appears in the entire Tanakh(Bible). There’s an English concordance online as well, but it’s more problematic due to multiple translations of a single Hebrew word. You’ll see that the 2 English translations you can select are both Christian translations. Here’s the site:

Parshanut  This website offers videos for all ages (including cartoons for the very little) that focus on the parasha. Another website with cartoons and a conversational tone that might appeal to ten years old and up. The short lectures focus on a moral dilemma of the parasha. This website is subtitled “Torah Wisdom.” Each weekly blog is succinct and elegant. Erica does not overpromise—I’ve found wisdom in each and every newsletter I’ve read.  Former chief rabbi of Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks's comments are always worth reading.  Professor Kugel offers a weekly newsletter focusing on the parasha. This is scholarly content in a very understandable presentation.  The TALI education fund in Israel sponsors this website that includes visual midrashim on the parshiyot.  Likutei Margaliyot.  An exploration of the parasha in Hebrew.  Subtitled "An Historical and Contextual Approach", this website includes Biblical scholars' insights on the parasha.

Food and recipes

Orit Ackerman-- (This site is in Hebrew)

Judy Petel-- (facebook page for a collection of family recipes-kosher and global in scope)

Value of Family Dinner

Anne Fishel:

When in Israel....  Avivah Zornberg, a brilliant author and outstanding teacher,  lives in Jerusalem and offers classes to the general public on the parashat ha-shavua.  See her website for her address and schedule as well as descriptions of her books.  

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