What is Tasting Torah?

what is tasting torahEach week brings a new batch of cookbooks—including kosher and Jewish style—on the market.  In addition to cookbooks, we have access to a wealth of recipes on the internet.  So, why bother adding another cooking website?

Here’s what different about Tasting Torah - Nourishing Body, Mind, and Soul at the Shabbat Table

  • The components are adaptable to any cooking and hosting style.
  • If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of making a Shabbat dinner, you have a starting point.
  • Recipes are linked in an obvious or subtle way to the weekly portion of the Torah.
  • Most recipes are simple, quick, and created with an eye to seasonal ingredients.
  • The summary of the weekly Torah portion is short and an entry point for discussion.
  • Discussion questions for the table are suitable for families with children of any age as well as for a gathering of adults or youth groups.
  • Friday night dinners become a forum for ideas, creativity, and laughter.
  • The website is interactive.  You’re invited to think up your own recipe that connects to the Torah portion and your own discussion questions and share them with the Tasting Torah community.
  • Share a video of you cooking Shabbat dinner or your Shabbat dinner table talk.

May this web page brings oneg (joy) and limmud (learning) to your Shabbat, broaden your culinary horizons, and draw your Shabbat guests closer together.

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