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To extend your community’s involvement in Shabbat celebration, contact me to conduct a customized workshop.  The workshop is “cooked to order” for your individual community needs.  Target groups include parents of b'nei mitzvah, Jewish organizations, schools, and synagogues, or an outreach program within your community. Invite multiple institutions to the table to co-sponsor the event.

Double up the value of the Tasting Torah Workshop by adding a book discussion based on one of the themes in Jewish Luck:  A True Story of Friendship, Deception, and Risky Business. (www.morejewishluck.com), the non-fiction work my sister and I wrote based on three years of interviews with two remarkable Soviet born Jewish women.

For references, fees, and availability, contact me (Meryll) by email or phone.

rsz teaching at herzl camp

 My grandson Zach (far right) helped me lead a cooking class in Mickey's Kitchen at Herzl Camp during Family Camp. Together we managed to create the Seven Species Salad. Thanks to Herzl for the photo.


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